Asia Pacific Dance X'plosion 2015 (APDX)- July 25-26

Welcome to APDX. This will be our  11th Year organising this event. In conjunction with MALAYSIA FESTIVAL YEAR 2015, we are very happy to be a part of this exciting journey as we embark into this explosive dance event that will thrill all the audience coming from different countries. In addition to that we have dances from all over the region showing their great dance moves and talents. We are looking forward to seeing many more Tourists coming to witness one of the most anticipated dance event in Asia Pacific!

A message from the School Principal
Joanne Wong

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Registration form - APDX 2014
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UCWDC rules
Line Dance contestants may not enter both Classic and Showcase divisions with the same dance routines.
ClassicMovementLimitations,unlessthemoveis specifically called for in a Line Dance step description:
(1) Moves that include lifts (any type), throws, carries, aerials, acrobatics, drops (any type), rides, drags, slashes, pirouettes, fouettés, jetés, sitting, lying or bridging on the floor or spins with adagio are not allowed.
(2) Jumps and Jetés are not allowed except for Line Dance Open Advanced, SuperStars, RisingStars, and Line Crown and Legends where they are allowed without rotation.
(3) Pantomiming, singing, speaking, lip-synching,…

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